Vertical Insoles is Bringing Back the Traditional Dress Shoe

December 26, 2014

The advent of vertical insoles has made it more appealing for people to wear dress shoes more often. The best dress shoes are made from carefully chosen pieces of leather that are rigid enough to provide years of support and structure, and giving enough to conform to the exact contours of your foot. The second part can be painful. Before vertical insoles, the pain of breaking in dressy shoes would discourage some from wearing quality leather footwear.

Recent trends in footwear have been leaning towards casual-looking shoes and boots that generally look less sharp (The Sneaker Comes of Age). These fads do not replace the professionalism and class of timeless dress shoes. 

Besides the obvious advantages of not looking like you're on your way to your fifth grade graduation wearing sneakers with your first suit, there are other benefits to wearing dress shoes. Research has shown that the regular use of formal footwear because of its structure maintains proper foot form. While similar studies show that continued use of casual footwear like sandals and sneakers leads to the broadening deformation of the feet.

Physiology aside, the function of a classic dress shoe is to make you look sharp. I certainly don't believe that the shoes make the man, but they certainly set the tone for the outfit. And they will definitely help you to be taken more seriously. For better, or for worse, your choice of footwear is an instant referendum on how you want to project yourself. It is for this reason that people wear dress shoes in the first place. Vertical insoles makes that a more comfortable choice.