How to Stop Sneakers from Hurting Achilles Tendon Area of Foot?

While sneakers are some of the most comfortable footwear available, there are still some that can cause foot pain. New leather sneakers with less cushioning, designed to look more like a shoe, are usually the ones that can repeatedly rub against the sensitive Achilles tendon area and lower ankle areas. This can lead to heel blisters, bruising, or even small cuts. vertical insoles keep the top edge of your sneakers, known as the collar, from making direct contact with the sensitive parts of your feet. They are especially helpful when worn while the sneaker is new, making the break-in period more comfortable. I recently ordered a pair of my favorite iconic indoor soccer shoes that I've always had growing up. They were a little stiff out the box and caused substantial pain at the back of my heel, and even a little bruising. I probably would have forgotten them in the back of my closet if it weren't for a pair of Achilles Shield insoles to make wearing them more bearable. I can't tell you how many times perfectly good new athletic shoes end up unworn at the bottom of a closet because it was too painful to go through breaking them in. Vertical insoles protect the vulnerable rear part of your feet so that you can break-in your favorite new sneakers without breaking in your foot.