Green Insoles

While we don't eat tofu granola bars everyday, we are conscious of our environment and have taken very deliberate steps towards being as efficient and non-wasteful as possible. From the start, we've made sure that all our systems are digital, eliminating the use of paper nearly everywhere but the shipping labels. Because we want to make sure that our dollars support causes we believe in, we make all our insoles in America. We've also carefully chosen our distribution center location to be close to our manufacturing, reducing our carbon footprint and energy costs. Our packaging was plastic with easy open blisters, and even though we use a thinner gauge plastic, plastic is a petroleum-based product. That's why we've designed new packaging to be equally convenient but made from paper without any plastic.
Unlike most gel and foam insoles, our insoles are recyclable. We only use the highest quality blends made from premium materials that give our insoles all the qualities we want plus the added advantage of being recyclable. We care about our customers and we care about America, looking out for our environment is one way we do that.